Materials: Wax, candle wicks, pins
Dimensions: 75 in x 30 in x 1 in 

For this project, I cast 300+ wax candles of my lips in common lipstick shades. The candles reference the floating graphics of lips used in fashion magazines and makeup websites to advertise available colors. After all of the lips were installed, a selection of them were burned, allowing the mouths to drool and dribble down the wall. Things to consider while viewing this work include; a cacophony of sound created by voices, an absence of the sound of voices, smeared lipstick, lipstick on the teeth, kisses, crying eyes, the often-made assumption that a lipstick-clad mouth belongs to a female, the transformative possibilities presented by cosmetics, the history of lipstick making and the former exclusivity of lipstick wearing, the color red in all its possible meanings (love, passion, warning, blood, etc), and the viewer's own notions of what or what does not constitutes successful femininity.