birth of medusa

Materials: Velvet, hand blown soft glass, flameworked borosilicate glass, fused bullseye glass, glass microbeads, plastic, gold leaf, rope, pins, found pink suede shoe, pompoms, opera gloves. 
Performance duration: 30 minutes
Dimensions: 8 ft x 7 ft x 6 ft

The objects of the proscenium reappear to flank the birth of Medusa. Medusa began as a fair maiden who was punished by Athena for breaking her vow of celibacy. Athena's curse transformed Medusa into a hideous creature and ensured that anyone who looked her in the eye would be turned to stone. Perseus was able to kill Medusa only by looking upon her reflection in a mirror. He thereafter used her decapitated head to turn his enemies to stone, until one day when he too looked directly into her eyes and met the same fate.